Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2

Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2


Title: Liao Zhai 2
Also known as: Liaozhai Zhiyi, Strange Tales of Liao Zhai
Genre: Supernatural
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: East Movie Channel
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-12
Air time: 19:00-22:00
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Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, or Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supernatural tales published during the early Qing Dynasty. 6 stories are selected for this show.

1-Ying Ning
Having heard the love story of Cowherd and Weaver Girl, Ying Ning decided to sneak down to the mortal realm to find herself a true love. When she first met the arrogant Wang Zi Fu, she felt disappointed by the mortal. However, she changed her heart when Wang Zi Fu suffered a head trauma and started behaving like an innocent child. She married him and protected him from his ambitious brother’s murder attempts. Yet, he betrayed her when he witnessed her true form. Heartbroken, she went back to the heaven to face her punishment for leaving her post and falling in love with a mortal.

June as Ying Ning
Zhao Yi as Wang Zi Fu
Yang Chen (as Wang Zi Chu
Han Wen Wen as Lin Ji Lan
Zhou Hao as God of lightning
Gordon Liu as Wuxing taoist priest
Fang Zhou Bo as Gu Ren

2-Yan Zhi
Han Xue as Yan Zhi
Yan Kuan as E Zi Chuan
Li Li (??) as Yan Xia
Luo Da Hua as Shu Jie Lang
Gong Fang Min as E Tai Xing

3-Yi Quan
Erlangshen’s celestial dog, He Tian Quan, battles the bengal king who attempts to escape to the mortal world to avenge for his family. The battle accidentally leads to the destruction of a stone that keeps the world under balance. As punishment, both are sent down to the mortal world and must die ten times before they can return to the heavens. During his travel, Tian Quan runs into a girl who treasures animal life as much as human, who also happens to be daughter to the man who murdered the bengal’s family years ago.
Benny Chan as He Tian Quan / Fei Tian Quan
Lin Jing as Jia Shuang Shuang
Shi Yu as Jia De
Lily Chung as Liu Fang
Wang Li as Li Ang

4-Fen Die
Fen Die was a reincarnation of a butterfly fairy. Yang Ri Dan was a well-know artisan who was invited to the Royal court to draw a painting for Princess Fen Die. He painted her nightmares of butterflies being captured and killed. They journeyed into her dreamland in search for the reason and fell in love in the process. However, their investigation and their love was severely tested when Wang Feng deliberately got close to Fen Die to sabotaged their relationship.
Esther Liu as Fen Die
Eddie Peng as Yang Ri Dan
He Zhong Hua as Wang Feng
Liu Xue Hua as Yang Shi Niang
Qiu Guo Jun as Yan Chun
Li Fa Zeng as Emperor

5-Lian Xiang
Chen Da Weias Sang Xiao
Yang Xue as Lian Xiang
Hugo Ng as Wei Yi Qi
Yang Ming Na as Li Hong Yang
Jia Qing (??) as Fang Lin
Zhou Ye Mang as Mo Zun

6-Luo Sha Hai Shi
Xiao Qiao is an energetic dragon girl (Long Nu) that is visiting the mortal realm with her general and fellow dragon girls, but while she rambles through the busy city streets, her token, which is the key to returning to the Dragon’s Nest, is hooked onto Ma Ji’s clothing. As a result she alone is left in the mortal realm until she is able to find her token.

Ma Ji is a scholar awaiting for the results of the imperial examination for the Number 1 Scholar. He, oblivious to the importance of the token, flings it into a forest nearby his home. Xiao Qiao finds Ma Ji only after he had gotten rid of the token – Xiao Qi searches for the token in the forest but is attacked by dragon hunters. Ma Ji finds Xiao Qi (who is back in human form) and takes her back to his home.

Xiao Qi ends up staying at Ma Ji’s home until she finds her token, and their relationship grows as they spend more and more time together. Meanwhile, the dragon hunters still pose as a threat, and Ma Ji is hit with the reality that government world is filled with greed and controlled by the few in power. However he attracts the attention of the beautiful daughter of General Dong, Qing He, whom Ma Ji had admired always admired. It is also at this time that Ma Ji begins to realize his feelings for Xiao Qiao and vice versa which creates a triangular relationship. The added twist being that Qing He was born with a sickness in the heart and becomes ill to the point of fatality; the only way to save her is for her to consume dragon’s meat.

Eric Suen as Ma Ji
Michelle Yip as Xiao Qiao
Guan Qing as General Dong
Cheung Sai as Dong Qing He
Sun Le Qiu as Shu Hu Lao Sou

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