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Singer sweet sound Sous SongVeachea still stand in the position of a well – known singer sentiments, especially from middle age up. This singer in is luckily however, he is a bit old but his popularity seems not set because he is a classic and modern singer and that is rarely for newly stars to challenge with.

Famous stars that famous from “Baksey Cham Krong” production claimed that he was very happy that most people supports in his music and it make him have a better life. However, he told that until he can stand in this point, he is not different from other stars because to swim across suffering life and meet many difficult situations.


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Sibling High/Weight FaceBook
Sous Song Veacha 12. 02. 1968 Prey Veng Province 8 Brothers 1.68cm72kg


Marital Status

Sous Song Veacha is the oldest child among 8 children. He was born in kantuot brang village, Kor Pring commune, Svay Reang district, Svay Reang province. His father name Sous Horn 70 years old, job farmer and mother name Ouk Yon 64 years old also farmer.

Study History

Sous Song Veacha used to studied at Ang Kabas primary school and Svay Chrom secondary school. Even his family was poor but he tried to finish his high school. Unfortunately, he didn’t have opportunity to studying at University as other people. According to his time someone who can finish high school is equal someone that graduate from university nowadays.

He claims that just finish grade 12, he tried very hard and he also proud because his born in a farmer family. However, after his finish high school immediately he also prepares to study in college but because of his family’s financial it force his decided to find job beside study.

Between 1991 and 1992 he train to study in university but by the Oun Tak time they were interesting in someone that had diploma to work with them and also get much salary.

Life Struggle

Before he had a better life as now, Sous Song Veacha have been met a lot of struggle and especially during in the birth of place. Because he is the oldest child so the burden to grow rice almost entirely of parents he need to do since he was a teenager.

He said, “If I miss the life of my childhood was very hard because I’m the oldest child in the family, so which is not different from their father.

He had to make adjustments workers many years to earn money to help his study and family. He adds more that: first, when he starts a career as art he had to find money by run motorcycle because income from the art cannot hold domestic demand.

Art History

When he had working with UNTAC he also known Served as UNTAC He is also known some famous arts two or three, which is the way that easy to get him, become a singer. After the end of UNTAC a few friends that he known from also contract him to sing in the group bodyguards Samdech Hun Sen during 1994 under the leadership of Excellency Men Som An .

When he was acting in the art, he had less a chance to show or sing so this was forced him to run a motorcycle for money to rent his homes to live in Phnom Penh. Then, he is also known Mr. Som Chaya is a rector of CTN TV and be introduced to singing at Baksey Cham Krong  production , In 1999. He sings some of classical music so more public began to notice his name.

This step and he has been a huge boost to the stage, TV, through the request of the owner production and the boost from Som Chaya’s Channel in 2000. This beauty spot start said that: “If in 1994 I do not take in Phnom Penh to sing to the group bodyguards Som Dach Hun Sen I may not become a singer and perhaps I was in the fields of life.”

Currently, he is a famous singer nearly all abroad production, he sing but not sign contract to any productions. Anyway, and I noticed him singing in the Rey Meas Ton Meas production, Bopha production based on a number of outside.

Performance Opportunities

After the famous Sous Song Veachea start to sing, such as France 2 times during 2004 and 2009 in the U.S and again in 2006 as well as in 2007 Canada and Australia.

Coming soon to other countries but in the busy district combined health will be less easy to ride plane I dare not work out as before.

Love life

Singers such sentiments Sous Song Veachea married since 1999 ourselves with Mrs. Van Sophea at Prey Veng province. Currently, he has three children, 2 sons and a daughter. He also no plan to get fourth child because the number of existing children is appropriate for his family.

Future Projects

In the future, Sous song Veachea want to create an aquarium at his hometown but he does not know what ambitions will become true. He confirmed that, although he is still singing he will create a fish farm for the country he lives beside he will continue his career as a teacher taught singing at the club to provide experience and artistic talents to the young generation.

Sous Song Veachea is a music singer that emerged from the group bodyguards Samdech Hun Sen in 1994. He has a reputation in the art world during 1999 Som Chhaya to sing in the Baksey Cham Krong production to the city and how to have the opportunity to sing on stage, TV extension.

Past for that he is not very difficult but life struggle not less particularly in the adventure to live in Phnom Penh. At first to run the motorcycle, sing to rent their homes. The song became a standard of living better public after a chance to sing in the flow him and the art market more.

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